I had seen this turtle wondering around in the parking lot for the past two days. I generally try not to mess with them because I don’t want to disrupt them by assuming I know what they are trying to do and “help” them get there faster. There are two retention ponds behind the house and a kind of swampy area in front. I have previously made the mistake of thinking I knew which way a turtle was going and actually set them back about a day or two by returning them to where they came rather then placing them where they wanted to go. Today I noticed this turtle trying to eat some leafy parts of a shrub. I remembered my aunt had a pet turtle when I was growing up which she feed bananas. As a 10 year old I found this hilarious. So I thought I’d see if this turtle wanted some. The bananas we had on hand were apple bananas, named because the have an apple-like flavor. As you can see, this turtle was pretty into it:)